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Awesome game with a bad community

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pinktempest said...
I spent many an afternoon on APB: Reloaded, and I think it's an excellent Player vs Player game... much better than people give it credit for. It's an Free to Play MMORPG version of Grand Theft Auto. Cops vs Criminals.

I really enjoy playing my cop, arresting people is perhaps the most fun I've had online (in a game) in a while. The missions are randomized, so it's always a new experience. The opponents are all human, so again, the experience changes.

People scream about hackers, but more often than not it's just someone better than them kicking their noobish butt. I'm no pro (not even very good),but put me up against a real noob and I'll beat them into the ground.

Which brings me to my next point, the community. A noob asks a question, people lie to them. All the clans are very exclusive and if Newbie helping ones exist, they sure as hell don't make themselves well known.

Finally, there are the Russians... I'm not trying to be racist, the Russians made me this way after interacting with them! APB: Reloaded has been flooded with Russian players, many of whom do not speak english.

Those who do speak english hear me on voice chat and try to hit on me in some of the stupidest ways,. "You are beautiful" "I love you" "Tell me you love Russia" "Tell me you love Russian men like me."

I don't mind flirting if the guys speak proper English and aren't horrible at it.Its like... FUCK... what's the point of playing an MMORPG if the community are all asshats? Sooo, unless I find a good (not gameplay wise but social wise) clan to group with, I'm not going to spend much time on it at all; real life is more entertaining.
APB: Reloaded

APB: Reloaded (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date:
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